Gigabit Unveils HealthSync, an iPhone Application that Tracks and Manages Personal Medical Records

Raleigh, N.C. November 3, 2009 Smartphone application developer Gigabit ( today announced immediate availability of HealthSync, an iPhone application that offers comprehensive personal medical records management, maintenance and tracking for individuals and families. HealthSync is ideal for those managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or allergies, which require frequent monitoring and regular physician visits and treatments.

HealthSync stores key medical records information, including age, vital signs, medications, allergies, immunization records and appointments. Data is input directly into the iPhone by the user and securely stored locally within the device. The application stores multiple patients per user, making it ideal for families managing the health of young children, as well as elderly relatives.

HealthSync also provides access to detailed prescription drug information, such as possible side effects and drug interaction warnings. Names of more than 3,000 drugs are populated via a choice list table in the patient data interface. Future HealthSync versions will support data sharing capabilities, which will enable patients to manage their health records via the Google Health web-based interface.

"HealthSync is a perfect way to leverage today's mobile lifestyle to provide instant, anytime access to one's medical data," said Brian Arthur, Gigabit CEO. "By giving users access to and control over their data in a secure, portable environment, HealthSync enables people to more easily manage an important asset their health."

HealthSync is available for $2.99 through the iTunes App Store in the "Medical" and "Health & Lifestyle" categories.

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