Gigabit’s mobile touch applications improve customer interactions for service providers in the healthcare, mobile banking, print media and retail industries, enabling these companies to build market leadership by encouraging customer loyalty, increasing brand awareness and creating new revenue streams.

Gigabit Logo GreenWith Gigabit’s wide range of application products and services, companies can harness the power of delivering compelling, personalized communications and offerings anytime, anywhere, while consumers gain immediate, mobile access to data and information from which they can better manage their busy, mobile lifestyles.

Gigabit’s more than 15 years of development experience positions the company to provide rapid entry into mobile communication with quality applications that ensure data security, usability or valuable brand characteristics are not compromised. Based in the heart of North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, Gigabit is a trusted development partner for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Capital One, Airstrip, Pepid, Fannie Mae, Aetna Insurance, TIAA-CREF, and PGP among others. The Gigabit development and support team has a deep history with Mac OS X, iPhone and multiple other platforms.

With several projects in the company’s portfolio, Gigabit delivers full-scale, mission critical analysis, design and implementation of mobile touch applications. The company also offers enterprise-level data modeling, business rule discovery, data integrity and validation.

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