Gigabit - Management TeamWhen evaluating iPhone application development services, it is imperative to partner with a company that has the technology and industry know-how to deliver the best applications that guarantee data security and usability, as well as ensure valuable brand characteristics are not compromised. Members of Gigabitís management team were early adopters of the iPhone development platform, making them intimately familiar with the nuances of iPhone technology. The company has extensive experience creating applications that enable organizations to build market leadership by enhancing their value to consumers, increasing brand awareness and creating new revenue streams.

Gigabitís management team has assembled expert developers that provide customers with rapid entry into mobile communication with quality applications. The Gigabit team specializes in partnering with organizations to visualize and conceptualize the optimal iPhone application for service providers in the healthcare, mobile banking, print media and retail industries.

The companyís CEO, Brian Arthur, possesses more than 15 years of development experience across Mac OS X, iPhone and multiple languages. In addition to delivering full-scale, mission critical analysis, design and implementation of mobile touch applications, Brian has also provided enterprise-level data modeling, business rule discovery, data integrity and validation for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Capital One, Airstrip, Pepid, Fannie Mae, Aetna Insurance, TIAA-CREF, and PGP among others. Brian is currently on-site at Johnson & Johnson, where he is leading a team that is developing an iPhone project.

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