Gigabitís application development team has more than 15 years of development experience across Mac OS X, iPhone and multiple languages. As an early adopter of the iPhone development platform, the company is intimately familiar with the nuances of iPhone technology. This breadth and depth of knowledge uniquely positions Gigabit to build custom, state-of-the-art applications that provide companies with rapid entry into mobile communications without compromising data security or brand.

Gigabit Logo BlueWhatís more, the Gigabit team specializes in partnering with organizations to visualize and conceptualize the optimal iPhone application for service providers in the healthcare, mobile banking, print media and retail industries.

With several projects in the companyís portfolio, Gigabit delivers full-scale, mission critical analysis, design and implementation of mobile touch applications. The company also offers enterprise-level data modeling, business rule discovery, data integrity and validation.

Gigabit is a trusted development partner for companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Capital One, Airstrip, Pepid, Fannie Mae, Aetna Insurance, TIAA-CREF, and PGP among others.

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