Gigabit’s HealthSync iPhone application is a comprehensive personal medical records management, maintenance and tracking tool. A user-friendly application available for download from the iTunes App Store, HealthSync places the control over managing medical records directly on the finger tips of iPhone users.

HealthSync is ideal for managing medical records of patients with chronic conditions, such as diabetes or allergies, that require frequent monitoring and regular doctor visits and treatments. Families tracking immunizations for small children, as well as those managing the health of elderly relatives, also benefit from the convenience and piece-of-mind HealthSync’s mobile medical information access provides.

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The application provides a portable tool that stores key medical information, including age, vital signs, current medications, allergies and immunization records. HealthSync also allows users to track appointments for each family member, as well as photographs of medical-related items, including insurance cards and prescriptions.

With HealthSynch, data is input directly into the user’s iPhone by the user and stored locally within the device. Medical records that are captured in the app conform to the Google Health standards. Future HealthSync versions will support data sharing capabilities, which will enable patients to manage their health records via the Google Health web-based interface.

HealthSync is available through the iTunes App Store in the “Medical” and “Health & Lifestyle” categories.

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